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Love Potion Candle

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Love Candle 

Created for intention setting that involve love, passion, romance, attraction and seduction.

Can also be used as a devotional candle to Aphrodite, Venus and other Goddesses of Love.

My Love Potion Candle is generously scented with High Quality love spell fragrance oils (it smells fantastic). Then the top of the candle is layered and infused with organic Red Rose petals, herbs, rose quartzand glitter.

Wrapped in beautiful ribbon.

I only use 100% natural wax (absolutely Zero paraffin. As paraffin is a petroleum byproduct) and cotton wicks when making ritual and intention candles.

This listing is for: 

  • One 4" x 2"  candle infused with flowers and herbs; wrapped in ribbon
  • Burn time:about 50 hours
  • Suggestions for use

In mythology, rose meaning is associated with Aphrodite (Greek) goddess of love who was often depicted adorned with roses around her head, feet and or neck. The most common interpretation of the symbolism of the Rose is that it represents immortal love.

(Burn in safe place and never leave burning candles unattended, around children and pets or allow them to burn down completely.)