Chakra Gemstone Set, Gems - SugarMuses
Chakra Gemstone Set, Gems - SugarMuses

Chakra Gemstone Set

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Chakra Stones are perfect to use in balancing your energy and focusing on specific areas of the mind, body and spirit.

Each set includes a pouch with 7 stones - for activation and clearing of the 7 main energy centers of the body. This Chakra Set is composed of the following crystals:

  • Tumbled Red Jasper
  • Tumbled Carnelian
  • Tumbled Citrine
  • Tumbled Aventurine
  • Tumbled Blue Sodalite
  • Tumbled Amethyst
  • Tumbled Clear Quartz
  • Gift bag

Many of the designated stones have energies which touch multiple layers of our energetic system, so the crystals may be used intuitively with any energy center.

Crystals and minerals are formed naturally, so the shape and size is always approximate. Many stones have naturally occurring inclusions and cracks that make them unique, and do not affect their individual quality.

Included in this set are 7 stones accompanied with a Chakra stone chart.

All stones have been properly cleansed, charged, and come in a gift bag. I charge all gems on my personal altar space and bathe them in full moonlight before listing.

*Please allow for slight variations due to the organic nature of the items.
(Sage bundle not included.)

Please enjoy!

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