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Angel Aura Quartz Gemstone

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I’m so excited to get ahold of some of these rare angel aura quartz, they are one of my favorites! It has great rainbow energy that can be used so many ways.

Size: .90 - 1.1"

This listing is for:

  • one (1) large or 2 smaller Quartz Titanium Rainbow Aura (Tumbled) 
  • arrives with a gift bag
  • incense mix

Yes, you'll fall in love with them and want more of these dreamy gems! They have an other worldly look and feel.  I promise, you will love this stone as a treasure for a lifetime! Perfect for spells, enchantments/intention setting, healing energy this is the perfect magical gem stones with high vibe energy.

Aura Quartz is made by placing the natural tumbled stone in a vacuum chamber and bonding titanium and iridium mineral vapors to the stone with heat and pressure. It is a permanent bonding so the color will not come off, it is actually part of the stone.

*Please allow for slight variations duet the organtic nature of gemstones.