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Blue Morrigan Ritual Oil

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Has The Morrigan called to you?

This intoxicating blend contains essential oils and resins of dragon's blood, rosemary, deep dark woods infused with juniper berries, thyme, and crystals. Several more ingredients are also in this oil but they are a secret! 

Scent: Varies from my other Red Morrigan oil.  Has deeper earthy muskier notes to this blend.

Use as an anointing oil, use in spell-work, ritual, Goddess ceremony.

This beautiful 1 oz blue bottle has a dropper applicator top.

Suggestions are included. All my oils are 100% organic with therapy grade essential oils. 

***Please do a skin test before using any oils.

The Morrigan or Mórrígan ("great queen"), also known as Morrígu, represents the circle of life. 

Morrigan is also a water Goddess, ruling over rivers and lakes.

Morrigan is linked with the festival of Samhain. She is a fierce protector of woman and for those who seek Justice.

Sacred Bird: The crow and raven.

Sacred Plants: Mugwort, yew and willow.

Strengths: Fearsome and strong.

She is ideal to work with if you seek Wisdom and support of your Warrior Spirit, for protection, strength and justice.