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Love Divination Kit with Rose Quartz Crystal Ball and Candles

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Rose Quartz Crystal Ball measures about 40mm and sits on a wood stand. hand poured tea lights complete this grid and are infused with herbs, roots and crystals.

The crystal ball has been a timeless icon of divination and fortune telling for many years. Add it to your altar to aid you in your divination spells and rituals, or use it as a focus for meditation. Because light reflects away from its surface, it's believed that it wards off negative energy and can be used for divination.  
Divination or ‘scrying’:
You as the scryer are going beyond the conscious mind into a mystical place to gain information offered by the cosmos, sometimes what appears is symbolic or images from the past or future may be revealed. It is up to the scryer to interpret what the images, or symbols mean. 

More info on Rose Quartz and Divination are including in this listing.


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