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Elen of the Ways Hand poured Vegan Candle Tin

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Infused Intention Candle hand poured soy wax in a 6 oz. tin with lid or votive. Created with light and love, and infused with corresponding herbs, essential oils, flowers, crystal chips.

This candle was featured in the December Subscription Box. 

This soy candle is infused with cedar, juniper berry, cinnamon, pine, fur needle and clove essential oils. Placed on your altar, it can be used to invoke the Element of Fire.

Elen of the Ways’ is a Celtic goddess, who rules the essential element of motion and change. This female pagan deity is unique in that she is the only horned goddess, wearing the antlers of the female reindeer. She is the Passages of human life, both physical and spiritual. In Her guise as the Horned Goddess, She led the way on the migratory tracks of the reindeer, the only species of deer in which the females have antlers. Later, after all the reindeer migrated further north and out of Britian, Elen opened the pathways the red deer followed in the ancient forests of Northern Europe. Elen is also known as the Green Lady, Elen of the Shimmering Ways and Guardian of all who Journey. It is Elen who reveals the lost ways of Shamanism in Britain. Elen, primeval Goddess, is the soul of the forest, the creator of tracks and paths, the facilitator of human and animal movement. The wellbeing of the land and the movement of the beings that live on that land are Her domain. 
Organic/Vegan - 6 oz. tin


*Please burn in a safe spot, supervised and away from children and pets.

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