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Fairy Oracle


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 This divination deck explores the Victorian fairy realms and our connections with it. 

The oracle of the good folk features artwork by Arthur Rackham, who was a fantasy painter.

1. Connection- This is a card of connections, of learning how to associate to the world around you. Use your intuition to understand the world around you. 

2. Observation- Use your senses to really observe the world. Know your audience. What you see is what yogurt.Pay attention to those around you, they have knowledge to share. 

3. Night Watch- There are times when we don't feel secure, look to the night watch and know that you are safe, you are secure. You are protected  from the unknown. You have a close support system. 

4. Offerings- Now is the time to take hold of the unexpected offering that is coming your way. The world will give you what you need. Push aside all doubt and reach outdoor what is yours.5. Tribe- Everyone has a tribe of friends they know have their backs. This card reminds you to reach out to them and speak to them. 

6. Siren's Song- Evaluate the situation you are currently in and make sure this is what you truly want. 

7. Gifts- Have people help you in the past? Maybe now id the time they need your help. Perhaps it's time to giveback those who have supported you. 

8. Revolution- It always feels darkest before the dawn. Embrace change but hold true to your ideals. Hold up your candle to the dark and light the way through the wilds.

 9. Enticement- If you have received this card, you are being encouraged to leave behind the old, moving on to a new realm. Embrace change. 

10. Ceremony- You are being taken care of by those around you. This is the perfect time to celebrate yourself. 

11.Secrets-This is an important time to share secrets with others and to go deeper with your associations with others. 

12. Rehearsal- Practice is the key to success. This card advises you to practice your craft. 

13. Action- Now is the time to stand your ground. Deal with what needs to be taken care of. 

14. Enlightenment- Look to higher sources to guide your inner compass. Allow epiphanies to come.Realize the wisdom received and acknowledge its origin. 

15. Prepare- Be aware of your surroundings. And make sure to plan ahead. 

16. Flights of fancy- This is a happy card. Break out from your daily mold and allow your imagination to fly free. Trust in yourself.

17. Rest- Rest is important in any spiritual quest. Let the body rest and let the mind dream. 

18. Options- There are so many options in the world, you cannot say yes to all of them. Learn to distinguish  what you want. Let go of what you no longer need.  

19. Progress- This is a card of direction. it encourages you to progress forward and to create your downlight. Every step forward will be like a kind of magick. 

20. Awake & watchful- Notice your current surrounding,is it where you wish to be? If not, take steps to bring you closer to your goals.

21. Until we meet again-Let go of what no longer serves you. Move forward toward the next realm. 

22. Righteous- You are being asked tout your best appearance forward. Be at your best and truly know your own greatness.  

23. TheCollector- The collector knows what he wants town. Choose wisely, make sure this is something you desire. 

24. Delight- Finding true moments of pleasure can be a rare gift. Delight reminds us to move towards what puts a smile on our face. 

25. Reevaluation- The time has come to reevaluate past choices in order to make future decisions. 

26. Balance- Uncover what is out of balance and what you need to set yourself straight again and keep going. 

27. Supported- Being supported by those you care about is a great feeling.Follow your true light. Keep to your hearts path and your support team will follow you. 

28.- Shared Wishes- This card invites you to make a wish, then share it with someone you care about. They might be able to help you attain all that you desire.

29. Personal Celebration- You are an amazing person who has done great and kind things in your life. Revel in who you are. Your friends will be there to cheer you on.

30. Focus- Follow your true path so you won't be carried away or distracted. Make sure to limit the interruptions going around you. Find focus and achieve your goals.  

31. Truth- This card asks you to be rueful to yourself. Be aware of those listening when you least expect it.  

32. Teachers- Teachers are all around us,in the wind, the trees, and in the creatures of this land. This card asks you to seek knowledge from the unusual sources. Nature has much to share, all you have to do is listen. 

33. Tribe Celebration- Related celebrate the ones closest to you. These amazing people are your time. Celebrate.

34. Honor- Be true to yourself, honor yourself. Now is the time to appreciate yourself. 

35. Take Flight- Be your own navigator through the rough times. Trust the path you set out on. 

36.- Rejoice- This card is a wonderful card to receive. Know that bad times will pass and the good will return.