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'Psychic Witch' by Mat Auryn

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Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

Uncover the Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Psychic Witch

Popular writer and witch Mat Auryn reveals his most closely guarded tips, practices, and meditations for unlocking your psychic abilities and elevating your witchcraft into exciting new territory. Featuring over ninety exercises, this groundbreaking book helps your magick and your senses reach their full potential.


Dimensions : 8.90in x 5.90in x 0.90in

Table of Contents:


Exercises xix

Illustrations xxiii

Consecration xxv

Other Acknowledgments xxvii

Foreword xxix

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: The Power and the Sight 9

Chapter 2: Meditation and Relaxation 23

Chapter 3: Tuning In 35

Chapter 4: Extrasensory Perception 53

Chapter 5: Purification and Shielding 73

Chapter 6: The Triple Souls of the Witch 85

Chapter 7: The Lower Self and the Shadow 101

Chapter 8: The Higher Self and True Will 117

Chapter 9: Flames of the Witch's Souls 129

Chapter 10: Between the Worlds 135

Chapter 11: The Elemental Forces 145

Chapter 12: Terrestrial Energy 161

Chapter 13: Celestial Energies 169

Chapter 14: Multidimensional Manifestation 179

Chapter 15: Psychic Spells and Magick Tricks 201

Conclusion 215

Bibliography 217

Index 223