'Samhain Candle', Candles - SugarMuses
'Samhain Candle', Candles - SugarMuses
'Samhain Candle', Candles - SugarMuses

'Samhain Candle'

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Handmade Samhain Candle infused with cloves, herbs, flowers, and crystals. Black wax is infused with crystals, herbs and oils then poured into a glass votive.  
The beautiful glass votive candle measures 2" high, wrapped with ribbon, and embellished with a sprig of herbs.  Available in two sizes: glass votive or 8"x2" glass jar and comes with a Samhain blessing scroll and small gift!
When October turns to November, thousands of Witches, Druids, and other Pagans across America, Canada, Europe and elsewhere observe the sacred time of Samhain.  Samhain is a festival of the Dead.  Meaning "Summer's End" and pronounced saah-win or saa-ween, Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year.  For many practitioners, Samhain also is the beginning of the spirtual new year.
To help you celebrate this special time of year, I've created these special candles.

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