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Steampunk Mini Tarot

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With a turn of the wheel and a spin of the cog, the oracular machinery lumbers into action. The curtains slowly draw back; the time has come to reveal your destiny.

Brilliantly brought to life by artist Aly Fell, The Steampunk Tarot deck offers a glimpse of the future through a lens to the past. Retooling the gears of the Rider-Waite tradition, each card's intricate artwork depicts a scintillating fusion of man and machine, nature and technology, science and alchemy, romance and fashion.

This is the mini pocket size deck.

78 cards

The deck can be divided into sub-decks. This makes learning the cards easier, because each sub-deck contains cards that have common characteristics. The first division of the deck is between the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Arcana is a lovely old word for "secrets". One part of the deck reveals the big, or major, secrets while the other part holds the small, or minor, secrets.

There are four suits of the tarot. Each of the suits is associated with different aspects of our lives. Wands are careers, projects, passions, and our will. Cups illustrate our emotions, experiences and relationships. Swords show us our challenges and our ways of thinking. Pentacles represents the physical aspects of life. Each suit has fourteen cards; ace through ten, a page, knight, queen and king.

The cards can be used in many ways; any one card can be used as a journaling prompt, as a focal point for meditation, or for a traditional tarot reading.

To use:

After shuffling the cards, cut in accordance to your preferences. The manner in which you lay the cards out is called a spread. A simple spread is the 'Past- Present- Future Spread'. 

1. The card indicates what happened in the past that is influencing the current situation.

2. This card represents the present energies at play in the situation. 

3. This card shows the probable outcome if everything stays as it is currently. 

Or- A one card spread is themes simple spread giving you clear and concise information for any question. Shuffle the cards while pondering your question or asking for message. When ready, draw a single card and interpret how the card resonates with you.

Through practice and time you will develop your own style and your own methods of reading the cards. 

Meaning of the cards:

The Fool- Represents the spirit. folly, extravagance, passion, enthusiasm.
The Magician- Represents willpower. Skill, self-confidence, strategy.
The High Priestess- Represents secret knowledge/ occult wisdom.
The Empress- Represents fertility as a result from intuition. Material wealth, feminine  influence, intuitive.
The Emperor- Represents self control through intelligence.  Worldly power, accomplishment, confidence, stability.
The Hierophant- Represents conformism.
The Lovers- Represents the balance between two forces. Love, beauty,optimism.
The Chariot- Represents the triumph of the mind. 
Justice- Represents proper balance. Justice, harmony, equally,virtue, honor.
The Hermit- Represents the guiding spirit. Counsel, knowledge, solicitude, possessor of secrets.
The Wheel of Fortune- Represents the spirit facing fate. Destiny, fortune, outcome.
Strength- Represents the eternal spirit, ability to overcome all obstacles.
The Hanged Man- Represents the spirit of renunciation and sacrifices. Transition, sacrifice, improvement, surrender.
Death- Represents the spirit of transformation. 
Temperance- Represents self-control of the mind. Moderation, patience, harmony, fusion, confidence and complicity.
The Devil- Represents the subordinated mind. Subordination, bondage, temptation to evil, lack principles.
The Tower- Represents the spirit facing destruction. Change in a complete and sudden manner, unexpected events.
The Star- Represents the spirit of hope and faith. Faith, inspiration, bright prospects, fulfillment, pleasure . 
The Moon- Represents the spirit of inspiration. Shadows, twilight, obscurity.
The Sun- Represents the  peace mind. Satisfaction,accomplishment, success, love, joy, achievement.
Judgement- Represents the spirt of cosmic conscience. Judgement, rejuvenation, promotion.
The World-  Represents the spirit that left behind the material world. Attainment, completion, perfection, success.

King- Determined, controlled, justice, profesional man.
Queen- Sharp, quick witted, perceptive.
Knight- Bravery, skill, heroic action. 
Page- Penetration, vigilance, discreet person, youth.
Ten- Set backs that lead to future success.
Nine- Questions.. dig deeper...
Eight- Action required.
Seven- New plans, wishes, efforts, perseverance.
Six-Travel, voyage, success.
Five- Conquest, seduction.
Four- Rest, replenishment, retreat.
Three- Remove any diversions.
Two- Balanced Force, harmony, firmness.
Ace- Great determination, activity, triumph, power, love. 

King- Honesty, Friendly, Fatherly.
Queen- Honor, love, charm and grace.
Knight- A journey, advancement.
Page- Good intentions, loyalty. 
Ten- Problems soon to be resolved, level of position.
Nine- Anticipation, caution with unknown persons.
Eight- Swift activity, speed.
Seven- Success, gain, overcoming obstacles.
Six- Triumph, good news, advancement.
Five- Delay in achieving goals/ desires. Don’t give up. 
Four- Romance, harmony, peace, fruit of labor.
Three- Practical knowledge, strength, enterprise.
Two- Mature individual, attainment of goals.
Ace- Creation, beginning,fortune, birth of a child, adventure.

Cups/ Chalices:
Kings- Responsibility and creativity, generous, artist, lawyer, scientist.
Queen- Warm hearted and fair person, practical, honest.
Knight- An invitation opportunity, arrival, advancement.
Page- Reflective and resolute, loyal.
Ten- Home, happiness, pleasure, peace.
Nine- Success, advantage, good health.
Eight- Shyness, modesty, subdued success 
Seven- Fantasy, daydreams, illusion.
Six- Memories, nostalgia, the  past.
Five- The cycle yet to be completed…. inheritance.
Four- New possibilities, new knowledge. 
Three- Comfort, conclusion, satisfactory result.
Two- Love, friendship, union, connection.
Ace- Fulfillment, perfection, joy, productiveness.

Kings- Person of character, investments, intelligence.
Queen- Wealth, security, prosperity.
Knight- Amateur and responsible  person, persistence.
Page- Deep concentration, reflection.
Ten- Riches, security, family,ancestry, inheritance.
Nine- Accomplishment, foresight, material well-being.
Eight- Craftsmanship, effort, modesty.
Seven- Progress, wealth, successful dealings.
Six- Kindness, material gain, gratification.
Five- Reevaluate some choices.
Four- Some delays in plans.
Three- Mastery, perfection, artistic ability. 
Two- A letter arriving soon, ability to handle matters.
Ace- Perfection, attainment, bliss, gold, great wealth.