Sterling Silver Chalice,  - SugarMuses
Sterling Silver Chalice,  - SugarMuses

Sterling Silver Chalice

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Sterling silver chalice from July's "Sea Witch" monthly box.  This is a beautiful item for any altar!

Stands 4"H, made of sterling silver, and engraved with a magickal symbol. 

(First image: Triquerta (trinity knot); Second image: Pentacle)

*Will be polished before shipped.

The Chalice is essentially a goblet which acts as a vessel for liquids used in magickal rituals. It is associated with the Element of Water and the Divine Feminine. You can charge your chalice by bathing it in full moonlight. You may often see depictions of this ritual in the Queen of Cups tarot card. The same ritual was used to empower any ceremonial liquids and potions with the power of the Moon. In ceremonial Magick, the Chalice is shared among the circle members to drink from signifying unity and interconnection of all members.