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Purple SugarMuses Signature Scent Perfume

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SugarMuses Signature Perfume and annointing oil.  A blend of rare and exotic notes this perfume will attract attention!

Fresh, clean floral fragrance with a hint of citrus. Perfect for the warmer weather.

Base notes of White Amber and Citrus.
Middle notes of Poppy, Jasmine and Peony and
top notes of Hyacinth.

This scent will stay with you most of the day and your perfume will last you a long time.

Charged with flowers and crystal chips.

Beautiful glass perfume bottle with silk ribbon as shown.  Choose between .33 oz (10ml) roller bottle or .5 oz (15ml) bottle with Persian cap.

Crystal is included.

This is the scent I wear most days, and I love it!

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