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The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson


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The early members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn were encouraged to prepare personal Tarot packs for their own use based upon Mathers’ deck and his work. The Society set down certain instructions for its members to follow, but these instructions were abbreviated at best. Not surprisingly, as time went on and new members copied decks based upon previously drawn cards, the variances and modifications grew more and more pronounced.

Since Mathers’ original Tarot deck has not been handed down, today’s researchers of the Order of the Golden Dawn—whose numbers grow and flourish in Europe and the USA—often assign personal interpretations and modifications to their own version of the Tarot as it might have existed in the Order more than 80 years ago.

Meaning of the cards:

The Fool- Represents the spirit. folly, extravagance, passion, enthusiasm.
The Magician- Represents willpower. Skill, self-confidence, strategy.
The High Priestess- Represents secret knowledge/ occult wisdom.
The Empress- Represents fertility as a result from intuition. Material wealth, feminine  influence, intuitive.
The Emperor- Represents self control through intelligence.  Worldly power, accomplishment, confidence, stability.
The Hierophant- Represents conformism.
The Lovers- Represents the balance between two forces. Love, beauty,optimism.
The Chariot- Represents the triumph of the mind. 
Justice- Represents proper balance. Justice, harmony, equally,virtue, honor.
The Hermit- Represents the guiding spirit. Counsel, knowledge, solicitude, possessor of secrets.
The Wheel of Fortune- Represents the spirit facing fate. Destiny, fortune, outcome.
Strength- Represents the eternal spirit, ability to overcome all obstacles.
The Hanged Man- Represents the spirit of renunciation and sacrifices. Transition, sacrifice, improvement, surrender.
Death- Represents the spirit of transformation. 
Temperance- Represents self-control of the mind. Moderation, patience, harmony, fusion, confidence and complicity.
The Devil- Represents the subordinated mind. Subordination, bondage, temptation to evil, lack principles.
The Tower- Represents the spirit facing destruction. Change in a complete and sudden manner, unexpected events.
The Star- Represents the spirit of hope and faith. Faith, inspiration, bright prospects, fulfillment, pleasure . 
The Moon- Represents the spirit of inspiration. Shadows, twilight, obscurity.
The Sun- Represents the  peace mind. Satisfaction,accomplishment, success, love, joy, achievement.
Judgement- Represents the spirt of cosmic conscience. Judgement, rejuvenation, promotion.
The World-  Represents the spirit that left behind the material world. Attainment, completion, perfection, success.
King- Determined, controlled, justice.
Queen- Sharp, quick witted, perceptive.
Knight- Bravery, skill, heroic action. 
Princess- Wisdom,strength, insight.
Ten- Set backs that lead to future success.
Nine- Questions.. dig deeper...
Eight- Action required.
Seven- New plans, wishes, efforts, perseverance.
Six-Travel, voyage, success.
Five- Conquest, seduction.
Four- Rest, replenishment, retreat.
Three- Remove any diversions.
Two- Balanced Force, harmony, firmness.
Ace- Great determination, activity, triumph, power, love. 
King- Honesty, Friendly, Fatherly.
Queen- Honor, love, charm and grace.
Knight- A journey, advancement.
Princess- Power,enthusiasm, faithful. 
Ten- Problems soon to be resolved, level of position.
Nine- Anticipation, caution with unknown persons.
Eight- Swift activity, speed.
Seven- Success, gain, overcoming obstacles.
Six- Triumph, good news, advancement.
Five- Delay in achieving goals/ desires. Don’t give up.
Six- Triumph, good news, advancement.
Five- Delay in achieving goals/ desires. Don’t give up. 
Four- Romance, harmony, peace, fruit of labor.
Three- Practical knowledge, strength, enterprise.
Two- Mature individual, attainment of goals.
Ace- Creation, beginning, energy, gain.
Cups/ Chalices:
Kings- Responsibility and creativity, generous, artist, lawyer, scientist.
Queen- Warm hearted and fair person, practical, honest.
Knight- An invitation opportunity, arrival, advancement.
Princess- Reflective, gentleness, kind.
Ten- Home, happiness, pleasure, peace.
Nine- Success, advantage, good health.
Eight- Shyness, modesty, subdued success 
Seven- Fantasy, daydreams, illusion.
Six- Memories, nostalgia, the  past.
Five- The cycle yet to be completed…. inheritance.
Four- New possibilities, new knowledge. 
Three- Comfort, conclusion, satisfactory result.
Two- Love, friendship, union, connection.
Ace- Fulfillment, perfection, joy, productiveness.
Kings- Person of character, investments, intelligence.
Queen- Wealth, security, prosperity.
Knight- Amateur and responsible  person, persistence.
Princess- Kind, generous, diligent.
Ten- Riches, security, family,ancestry, inheritance.
Nine- Accomplishment, foresight, material well-being.
Eight- Craftsmanship, effort, modesty.
Seven- Progress, wealth, successful dealings.
Six- Kindness, material gain, gratification.
Five- Reevaluate some choices.
Four- Some delays in plans.
Three- Mastery, perfection, artistic ability. 
Two- A letter arriving soon, ability to handle matters.
Ace- Perfection, attainment, bliss, gold, great wealth.