The Magickal Botanical Oracle

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Tap into the deeply rooted wisdom of the natural world with this dark and mysterious union of horticulture and occultism. Featuring plants commonly found in a witch's garden, apothecary, or spell book, Maxine Miller's detailed illustrations personify the true spirit of each plant while capturing the elegance and multifaceted nature of the botanical world.

 Associations :

#1 Angel's Trumpet

This flower relays the truth that may be hard to hear but necessary to receive.

#2 Belladonna

A gateway into another realm, a breakthrough.

#3 Bleeding Heart

 Let go of unhealed emotional wounds

#4 Calla Lily

Balance the spiritual and the material.

#5 Camellia

Abundance and beauty.

#6 Cannabis

Expanded awareness, connection  to the earth and each other.

#7 Dandelion

Wealth, prosperity  and abundance.

#8 Dragon Tree

You are powerful, take action if necessary.

#9 Fly Agaric

Deeper levels of awareness, creativity  and healing.

#10 Hellebore

Take time to reflect, so you may bloom.

#11 Hemlock

 Blockages can be removed, open roads lay ahead.

#12 Henbane

Gaining access to reserves of power and insight.

#13 Holly

"Protection surrounds me." 

#14 Ivy

Good luck and abundance.

#15 Lavender

Peace, luck, dreams

#16 Love Lies Bleeding

The process of healing and lightening the load.

#17  Mandrake

Walk the path of Magick, embrace who you really are.

#18 Moonflower 

Break patterns to find your own unique way.

#19 Oak

Strength, protection and good fortune.

#20 Poppy 

Seek the truth in your dreams.

#21 Rose

Love, beauty and harmony.

#22 Rue

Grace, protection and blessings.

#23 Sorcerer's Violet

 Reach for the stars while remaining grounded.

#24 Sunflower 

Joy, health, wealth and success.

#25 Thistle

Personal power, strength and justice.

#26 Thorn Apple

An important message received through  your dreams.

#27 Vine

Success, inspiration and personal growth. 

#28 Willow

Be willing to bend, change and adapt.

#29 Wolfsbane

You are a spiritual warrior, courage and power is available to you.

#30 Wormwood

What is your calling? Follow your passion and don't let anything stand in your way.

# 31 Yarrow

Protection, spirit contact, divination work

#32 Yew

Listen to what your ancestors are telling you, listen to the soul of the Earth.

#33 The Witch's Garden 

The Lord and Lady of the Garden ask; What seeds are you tending in the garden of your soul?