The Sea Botanical Perfume

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Fragrance Notes // Icelandic Sea Salt • Black Sea Coral • Sea Grass • Sakura Blossom • Ocean Air Icelandic Sea

These botanical oils are a magickal find and I wanted to share them with you!

Use it as a tool when working with water magick, sea magick and spells.

Notes of sea salt, ocean water and sea minerals. 

Salt and Black Sea Coral are the base notes for this deep sea inspired blend. Topped with essences of Kelp, Sea Grass and Sakura Blossom, this fragrance is intense, moody, and a little bit briny… Details: 10.5ml Glass Bottle //

3/4in (dia) /5in (h)/ 10 ml Stainless Steel Roller

A beautiful  blend from L'apothicaire Co..