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The Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels


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The Tarot of Vampyres
by Ian Daniels
“Wisdom is not light and thin like water,
but dark and thick like blood”. 
-C. S. Lewis
"Amidst darkly alluring images, we descend into our deepest shadows. Only then can we arise to the radiant light of Wisdom."
-The Tarot of Vampyres
This boxed set includes  78 cards and a 300 page book on interpretation, spreads and instructions.
The Fool -New beginnings, the bearer of the deepest creative powers. Represents new relationships, business. 
The Magician- Positive masculine energy. represents a need to take control of a current situation. 
The Empress- Earthly mother. Represents good fortune, harmony acceptance and merging. Harmonizing with the natural rhythms.
The Emperor- Earthly Father, Fatherhood, Stability and structure. justice and power. Encourages us to stand tall.
The Hierophant- A trump card of Taurus,this card represents balancedEarth elements. Seek spiritual knowledge and inner truth. You mason meet a teacher. 
The Lovers- The union of opposites. Devotion. Establishing bonds.
The Chariot- Willpower, victory and triumph. Powerful Solar energy. 
Justice- The law of Karma. centering, balance, accounts settled. 
The Hermit- Solitude. Search for answers within. Completion and harvest. 
Fortune- Fate and Destiny. The end of and beginning of a cycle. Continuous growth and success. 
Strength- Courage, passion andantino. Magic power.
The Hanged Man-  Surrender. Unconditional devotion. Fantasy and illusion. Patience and faith.
Death- Transformation. Change and rebirth. Letting go and moving on. 
Temperance- Inner  transformation, female creative power, conception and inspiration.
The Devil- Vitality, euphoria, ecstasy and rebellion. 
The Tower- Destruction of old structures. Breaking down blockages. Revelations. 
The Star- Spiritual insight. Liberation, fulfillment and promise.
The Moon- Facing our shadows. Imagination, dreams and occult knowledge. 
The Sun- Glory, Illumination and perfection. Personal power, protection and abundance. 
Judgement- The need to make a clear decision. Energy moving forward, redemption and atonement for past mistakes.
The World- Pure harmony, completion and wholeness. 
Ace of Scepters- Divine spark.  Power and fulfillment. Energy being offered.
Two of Scepters- Strength, energy of will. Employ new methods to gain advancement. 
Three of Scepters- Vision and new beginnings. A new cycle. 
Four of Scepters- Manifestation, achieving our goals.
Five of Scepters- Challenges and competition. By meeting challenges we are able to grow.
Six of Scepters- Magnificent victory. optimism, goals will be reached.
Seven of Scepters- Bravery, time to take adore and take a leap of faith. 
Eight of Scepters- Rapid action, receiving important messages, travel and excitement.
Nine of Scepters- Inner strength, fluidity and stamina. stability through transformation.
Ten of Scepters- tells us not to push ourself too hard. Take a break to reignite our resolve.
The Lord of Scepters- positive energy of fire. Male who isodynamic and powerful. Trailblazer.
The Queen of Scepters- Self-confident female. Seductress and attractive. a source of inspiration. 
The Prince of Scepters- Triumphant and irresistible. Blazing creativity. Romantic love. 
The Daughter of Scepters- Bewitching enthusiasm, childlike inner fire. a message or letter.
Ace of Grails- Spiritual or parental love.Beauty, emotion, harmony. 
Two of Grails- Emotional exchange. Union of opposites. Joy.
Three of Grails- Abundance, fulfillment. Embracing the joys life. Love and support of others.
Four of Grails- Luxury and affluence. A call for us to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.
Five of Grails- Trials of the heart leading to awakening.Widening of perception.
Six of Grails- Wish fulfillment. Emotional and creative richness.
Seven of Grails- Calls on us to take hold of our dreams. Explore new experiences.
Eight of Grails- Spiritual quest seeking the truth. Search for true fulfillment. Renewal.
Nine of Grails- Natural happiness and earthly blessings. Oneness and beauty.
Ten of Grails- Lasting happiness. Tranquility, peace of mind.
The Lord of Grails- Active and dynamic emotion.Mystery. Positive energy of water. Healer, artist.
The Queen of Grails- Mirror of others’ emotion.Unattainable muse. Inner tranquility. 
The Prince of Grails- Cunning and artful. Master of illusion and fantasy.
The Daughter of Grails- Steady and secure emotion. Innocence.
Ace of Knives- Divine inspiration, clarity thought. Unconscious energy becoming accessible.
Two of Knives- Mental stability. Peace and balance. Maintain balance between two perspectives.
Three of Knives- Development of thought. Make clear conclusive changes. A journey to inner harmony.
Four of Knives- A time of rest to clear the mind. Consolidate resources and re evaluate agendas.
Five of Knives- Let go of the past, recognize we have the power to make positive changes. Decisive victory.
Six of Knives-  Discovery and travel. Focused power and balance. Use an objective approach.
Seven of Knives- Intrigue and mystery. Secret may soon be revealed. 
Eight of Knives- Be Patience. Have faith. Allow things to unfold naturally.
Nine of Knives- Some things may not be as they seem. Mystery. Expose any illusions.
Ten of Knives- A bold act to bring change. Renewal and peace.
The Lord of Knives- Intelligence, power of analysis. Ability to see multiple view points. 
The Queen of Knives- Honesty, wise woman. Liberation.
The Prince of Knives- free thinker and problem solver. Ability to create our own reality. 
The Daughter of Knives- Materialization of ideas. Revelations. Message or surprise. 
Ace of Skulls- New beginnings or new consciousness. Enterprises will flourish. 
Two of Skulls- Transformation. Take a new approach. 
Three of Skulls- Establish firm foundation to assert the power of growth.
Four of Skulls- Ownership of property. establish boundaries. Earthly power or wealth. 
Five of Skulls- Change. Courage. Deeper insight and refined perspective.
Six of skulls- Windfall of rewards and gain. Security and prosperity.
Seven of Skulls- A time to take stock of progress. Reflection.
Eight of Skulls- Cultivation of skills. Productivity. Enjoy the journey.
Nine of Skulls- Power of growth. Financial wealth. Rewards for past efforts.
Ten of Skulls- Peak of abundance. Long lasting love. Unexpected funds.
The Lord of Skulls- Utilizing natural energies and resources. Competition of the harvest. 
The Queen of Skulls- Receptive and reflective materialization. Fertility. Security. Family life.
The Prince os Skulls- Persistent course of action. Develop consistency and purpose in life. Be persistent.
The Daughter of Skulls- Symbolizes the limitless potential of life on Earth.