The Tea Stained Tarot & Guide

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The Tea- Stained Tarot & Guide 

Meaning of the cards:

The Fool- Represents the spirit. folly, extravagance, passion, enthusiasm.

The Magician- Represents willpower. Skill, self-confidence, strategy.

The High Priestess- Represents secret knowledge/ occult wisdom.

The Empress- Represents fertility as a result from intuition. Material wealth, feminine  influence, intuitive.

The Emperor- Represents self control through intelligence.  Worldly power, accomplishment, confidence, stability.

The Hierophant- Represents conformism.

The Lovers- Represents the balance between two forces. Love, beauty, optimism.

The Chariot- Represents the triumph of the mind. 

Justice- Represents proper balance. Justice, harmony, equally, virtue, honor.

The Hermit- Represents the guiding spirit. Counsel, knowledge, solicitude, possessor of secrets.

The Wheel of Fortune- Represents the spirit facing fate. Destiny, fortune, outcome.

Strength- Represents the eternal spirit, ability to overcome all obstacles.

The Hanged Man- Represents the spirit of renunciation and sacrifices. Transition, sacrifice, improvement, surrender.

Death- Represents the spirit of transformation. 

Temperance- Represents self-control of the mind. Moderation, patience, harmony, fusion, confidence and complicity.

The Devil- Represents the subordinated mind. Subordination, bondage, temptation to evil, lack principles.

The Tower- Represents the spirit facing destruction. Change in a complete and sudden manner, unexpected events.

The Star- Represents the spirit of hope and faith. Faith, inspiration, bright prospects, fulfillment, pleasure . 

The Moon- Represents the spirit of inspiration. Shadows, twilight, obscurity.

The Sun- Represents the  peace mind. Satisfaction, accomplishment, success, love, joy, achievement.

Judgement- Represents the spirt of cosmic conscience. Judgement, rejuvenation, promotion.

The World-  Represents the spirit that left behind the material world. Attainment, completion, perfection, success.


King- Determined, controlled, justice, profesional man.

Queen- Sharp, quick witted, perceptive.

Knight- Bravery, skill, heroic action. 

Page- Penetration, vigilance, discreet person, youth.

Ten- Set backs that lead to future success.

Nine- Questions.. dig deeper...

Eight- Action required.

Seven- New plans, wishes, efforts, perseverance.

Six-Travel, voyage, success.

Five- Conquest, seduction.

Four- Rest, replenishment, retreat.

Three- Remove any diversions.

Two- Balanced Force, harmony, firmness.

Ace- Great determination, activity, triumph, power, love. 


King- Honesty, Friendly, Fatherly.

Queen- Honor, love, charm and grace.

Knight- A journey, advancement.

Page- Good intentions, loyalty. 

Ten- Problems soon to be resolved, level of position.

Nine- Anticipation, caution with unknown persons.

Eight- Swift activity, speed.

Seven- Success, gain, overcoming obstacles.

Six- Triumph, good news, advancement.

Five- Delay in achieving goals/ desires. Don’t give up. 

Four- Romance, harmony, peace, fruit of labor.

Three- Practical knowledge, strength, enterprise.

Two- Mature individual, attainment of goals.

Ace- Creation, beginning, fortune, birth of a child, adventure.

Cups/ Chalices:

Kings- Responsibility and creativity, generous, artist, lawyer, scientist.

Queen- Warm hearted and fair person, practical, honest.

Knight- An invitation opportunity, arrival, advancement.

Page- Reflective and resolute, loyal.

Ten- Home, happiness, pleasure, peace.

Nine- Success, advantage, good health.

Eight- Shyness, modesty, subdued success 

Seven- Fantasy, daydreams, illusion.

Six- Memories, nostalgia, the  past.

Five- The cycle yet to be completed…. inheritance.

Four- New possibilities, new knowledge. 

Three- Comfort, conclusion, satisfactory result.

Two- Love, friendship, union, connection.

Ace- Fulfillment, perfection, joy, productiveness.


Kings- Person of character, investments, intelligence.

Queen- Wealth, security, prosperity.

Knight- Amateur and responsible  person, persistence.

Page- Deep concentration, reflection.

Ten- Riches, security, family, ancestry, inheritance.

Nine- Accomplishment, foresight, material well-being.

Eight- Craftsmanship, effort, modesty.

Seven- Progress, wealth, successful dealings.

Six- Kindness, material gain, gratification.

Five- Reevaluate some choices.

Four- Some delays in plans.

Three- Mastery, perfection, artistic ability. 

Two- A letter arriving soon, ability to handle matters.

Ace- Perfection, attainment, bliss, gold, great wealth.