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The Muse Boxes

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smudging and incense

Your Sacred Space is Calling You

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Raw and tumbled gemstones

create your vibration

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Sometimes we need a little magick

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Monthly Subscription Boxes  

SugarMuses offers one-time box purchases, monthly recurring subscriptions, and previous box purchases.

All purchases require a store account to view store purchases and to manage subscriptions.

If you don't have an account, an email is sent to you after checking out. Use the link in the activation email to "activate" your account. Make sure to check your junk/spam folders should it get marked as "spam".

Please note...accounts must be "activated" in order to manage subscriptions.

I hope you enjoy your purchase!

Create your reality through intention & ritual using the themed items contained in your magickal box.

Thank you!


MidnightMuses Subscription boxes


SugarMuses® Monthly Subscription Box

"The Muse Boxes" 

SugarMuses® - The Muse Boxes

The Deluxe Muse Box ($44.99+s/h)


The Muse Box ($34.99+S/H)


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