SugarMuses® & MidnightMuses™

~ July 2023 GIVEAWAY ~

Purchase a SugarMuses Deluxe and/or a MidnightMuses Luxe box 

for a Chance to Win a Statue! 

Boxes & entries are limited; hurry!

Summer time...

Give away time!

You don't want to miss out on this!
Purchase a one-time box or subscription for a chance to WIN a statue!
Signup for a SugarMuses Deluxe and/or a MidnightMuses Luxe box during Jun 1 - 30 to enter.
Winner will receive a beautiful Yemaya statue. She is known as the "Goddess of the Ocean" and often depicted as the great mother of all of us. Bring the magick of the sea to your altar this summer.
Don't miss your chance to receive this exclusive statue by Veronese Designs. Made with high quality resin with a cold cast bronze finish and painted accents; measures 6.5" w x 10.5" h.
There's one entry per box purchase. Want to increase your chances? Get one of each box.
Please note, since boxes are limited, boxes and entries won't be offered when sold out.

1) Purchase a SugarMuses Deluxe and/or a MidnightMuses Luxe box.
2) Purchase between June 1 - June 30.
3) Signup to receive our emails (if not already).
3) Each box must be purchased separately. Want multiple boxes? Go ahead, just purchase each one separately during checkout.
4) Valid towards one-time box and subscription box purchases.
5) Each purchase secures an entry for the statue; one entry per purchase.
6) Available in continental U.S. only.
7) Winner will be selected July 3 and item ships July 12. Winner will be notified at email address provided on order and prize ships to the same address.
*All purchases are for July's box shipping Jul 4 - 11.
*Monthly subscribers automatically entered with successful June 15 renewal.
*Customers with qualifying purchases completed prior to email launch will automatically be entered.
*Not valid for MidnightMuses™ small box purchases.
*Not valid towards regular store item purchases.
*Giveaway closes when boxes sell out or at the end of the month.
*Please add our email to your "Safe" list so emails don't get marked as spam.
*GIVEAWAY is a one-time offer during specified period. Not associated or valid with any other offers or discounts.
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Beautifully handmade and curated offerings available in a subscription or as a one-time box purchase. Receive a special surprise in your mailbox filled with unique gemstones, perfumes, candles, sacred adornment, magical tools, and altar/home decor that have been procured and made just for you.

Get ready to connect deeply with your sacred intuition, step fully into your power & start creating the life you dream about!

What's the difference between SugarMuses & MidnightMuses? 


MidnightMuses is the shadow side of SugarMuses. A romantic potpourri of magickal darkness & light, these boxes are curated with the gothic witch, occult practitioner and alchemist in mind. The night is held sacred, deities such as Hecate, Persephone, Nyx and the Morrigan will be featured regularly. Aesthetic is important to the gothic witch, as well as, expanding their knowledge of the Craft. 
Moon spells, divination tools and astrology abound in this wickedly good magickal box.

SugarMuses Deluxe

Celebrate the turning of the wheel and the Sabbats with us! This box honors the natural magick of the changing seasons. This year, this box will be inclusive to all pagans and neo pagans. This box was created for those who are green witches, kitchen witches, elemental witches, pagans, neo pagans, and those who honor the spirits of trees, animals and Mother Earth. Curated for the intermediate to advanced practitioner.

What is a green witch? 

They may identify as a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise one, and a healer. A green witch draws energy from the Earth, Elements and the Universe, using resources such as botanicals, gemstone and essential oils, and with the aid of earth spirits and Goddesses, weaves magick in tune with the very heartbeat of Earth herself. 

What's the difference between the MidnightMuses Box & MidnightMuses Luxe?

The Luxe is curated for the more advanced and seasoned practitioners while the MidnightMuses™ is curated with the beginner in mind. 

Basically the MidnightMuses™ Luxe will have a featured or specialty item that is not included in the MidnightMuses™ Box. There also may be a difference in types and quantity of the stones, and the amount of incense provided, etc. Overall, it really depends on the theme of the box since the Luxe is larger than the MidnightMuses™ as it contains more items. 

Monthly and One-Time Box

  • Boxes are available as a one-time purchase and monthly subscription
  • Limited quantities; mark your calendar as they go fast!
  • New signups open monthly on 1st for the next month's box
  • Purchases are always for the next month's box
  • Renewals automatically process monthly on the 15th 
  • Orders ship the following month in batches between 4-11th; tracking emails sent. We are unable to guarantee actual shipment transit times for international orders.

(more info about subscriptions and managing accounts listed below; box sizes may differ due to contents)


SugarMuses® - The Deluxe Box

  • Contains at least 12 magickal items; list of contents included
  • Ships via USPS for a Flat Rate to: US $10, CA $19, INT $27

MidnightMuses™ Luxe Box 

  • Contains between 10-12 magickal items; list of contents included
  • Ships via USPS for a Flat Rate to: US $10, CA $19, INT $27

 MidnightMuses™ Box 

  • Contains at least 7 magickal items; list of contents included
  • Ships via USPS for a Flat Rate: US $8 CA $15 (does not ship to other international regions)


Box Info  

  • Boxes are automatically delivered as scheduled. No obligation, modify or cancel subscription anytime after first box shipment. 
  • Cancellations need to be completed 1-3 days before a renewal payment processes at midnight. If not, you will still receive the box paid for and all future boxes will be cancelled. 
  • New signups open monthly on the 1st and end on the last day of the month or when sold out. All orders placed between this period receive the next month’s box as their first box, which ships the following month between the 4th - 11th.  Tracking info emailed when shipped. As a friendly reminder, please check spam folders should emails get marked as spam. 
  • Buyers responsible for all applicable fees (customs/import duties, taxes, fees, etc). Please check your customs for any restricted items as substitutes are not provided.
  • Boxes are not customizable for allergies and substitutions are not provided; you may discard/gift the item(s).
  • Box sizes may differ due to contents being shipped.
  • Discounts are not applicable towards one-time boxes, subscriptions, previous boxes or the mystery box. Discounted box orders will automatically be cancelled/refunded. Customers will be notified and may resubmit purchase.
  • All sales are final. No refunds. Once an order has been processed, it will continue to be fulfilled as scheduled should the subscription be cancelled. Cancelling a subscription does not cancel an order already processed.

Need to update your address after placing your order? Please email with the new address (before the shipping period begins) so the order can be manually updated; otherwise, package will ship to the address on the order. Also, please update your account so all future orders have the correct shipping addressFor address changes, subscribers need to update two areas: store account and subscription portal.

Please review the Manage Your Account or Subscription page for information on making changes and managing your account. 

For more information about subscriptions, purchases, store accounts and polices, please review our FAQs, Purchase Terms.

*Store account required. SugarMuses® does not manage customer accounts. Problems? Please contact us directly for assistance.

*Discounts are not applicable towards one-time boxes, subscriptions, previous boxes or the mystery box. Discounted box orders will automatically be cancelled/refunded. Customers will be notified and may resubmit purchase.

Looking for a waitlist?

Signups open monthly on the first and close when sold out or on the last day. 



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SugarMuses® - Subscription Benefits

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