Introducing MidnightMuses the shadow side of SugarMuses! Some of the best creations come to us after the sun has fallen & the moon has risen. A romantic potpourri of nature and magick, these boxes are curated for my fellow witches, magick weavers, priestesses, alchemists, spirit realm walkers, astral travelers, & other magickal creatures.
A collection of natural and gothic inspired magickal items. Create your reality through intention & ritual using the themed items contained in your magickal box!

So what's the difference between the MidnightMuses™ Box and the Luxe Box?

The MidnightMuses Luxe is a larger version of the smaller MidnightMuses box and it includes exclusive altar items, decor, and advanced spells. Both boxes will have similar items and the Luxe is more like the SugarMuses Deluxe box, but having the MidnightMuses gothic style.

Basically the MidnightMuses™ Luxe will have a featured or specialty item that is not included in the MidnightMuses™ Box. There also may be a difference in types and quantity of the stones, and the amount of incense provided, etc. Overall, it really depends on the theme of the box since the Luxe is larger than the MidnightMuses™ as it contains more items. 

The Luxe is curated for the more advanced and seasoned practitioners while the MidnightMuses™ is curated with the beginner in mind. 

What's the difference between the MidnightMuses™ & SugarMuses® boxes?

The MidnightMuses boxes are completely different from SugarMuses. They are more of a gothic style than SugarMuses with completely different monthly themes. Items are not duplicated from the SugarMuses boxes so you don’t have to worry about “duplicate” items should you get both boxes.

Ready to start your journey?

MidnightMuses™ Box

MidnightMuses Box

MidnightMuses™ Luxe Box

MidnightMuses™ Luxe Box

Looking for SugarMuses®?

SugarMuses® - The Deluxe Muse Box


SugarMuses® - The Deluxe Muse Box (Nov 2022)