The creation of SugarMuses®

SugarMuses was created in 2015 as an homage to my mother who left this earthly world 25 years ago. 

Offering unique gifts and tools for purpose, wisdom & intention, hand poured candles infused with essential oils, dried herbs and flowers home grown from the garden. Artwork is a collage of different pieces artfully put together to create one of a kind prints and labels. And don't forget the oil blends, each one is unique and personally created in small batches.

Every month SugarMuses strives to curate tools for the monthly boxes that help to empower, inspire and enlighten. So through your own belief system you can create positive and profound changes in your life. 

In an effort to always pay it forward, a portion of each sale will be donated to one of these charities: One by One cat rescue, Berks Women in Crisis, www.alz.org

All purchases include a handmade gift from me to you!

We are currently a family run business. Women owned and operated.


On a personal note, my interests include a love for Nature - animals, trees, gardens, herbs, gemstones, bodies of water...anything to do with Mother Earth!

I am a former studio artist of Gogglework.org located in Reading, Pa. and continue to paint, sculpt and design in my free time.

I'm an animal lover and when not creating, do what I can to help abandoned/homeless animals. 

I love astrology and all things related to divination, meditation, yoga and reiki.


I Believe.....

*We humans create our lives and our realities. And just for the record......all of that Law of Attraction stuff? It’s been around at least a couple thousand years. With some research a lot can be found online.

*Everything in the world is Energy. If you follow this concept, you can bend, mold, and shape your life for your benefit by directing Energy.

*This is not a "business" to me. I know this is my calling and the best way I can use my time here to bring a little love, hope and creativity into peoples lives. And I am forever grateful. Thank You!

With Love and Magick- 



Established as a one woman shop, SugarMuses, concentrates on all facets of creativity, visions, intentions, and energies. SugarMuses continues to create it's journey.

A big Thank You to everyone who has helped support this shop over the last 7 years. And thank you to my family and friends that fuel my fire, keep me centered and offer a helping hand when it is needed.


Offerings Include:

Candles, Manifestation Sets, Perfume Oils, Tools, Talismans, Potpourri, Incense, Crystals and Gemstones, Bath Products,  Art, Sculptures, Gift Sets, Ritual sets and Home Decor.  Every item is created and designed for Healing and Manifesting, for Balance of Body, Mind and Soul, and to support a wide range of faiths, practices, and traditions.

I am excited for future projects as SugarMuses is expanding with more offerings! I wear many hats, but as able, coming soon will be a blog, info section, and video posts along with other ideas I have up my sleeve! I invite you to drop in and join me on my journey. May we all find Wisdom, Enlightenment, Understanding, and Happiness.


So what is Magick? 

I define magick as the ability to tap into universal energy and use it to create a desired outcome. The Law of Attraction and quantum physics tell us that our thoughts directly affect our reality. Quantum physics demonstrates that when you focus on something, your energy influences the behavior of the molecules you are focusing on. Spells draw from our own energy resources, from tools such as botanicals and gemstones, from nature or from a higher power. That energy is built and then directed to manifest your intent. 

Always remember...
You are Brave.  You are powerful.  You are Beautiful!™
Be Blessed-



Definitions of "Sugar" & "Muse"

 sug·ar  \ˈshu̇-gər\
Sugar’s use in magick is historic. It has been used for thousand of years and is known for it’s notorious summoning powers. Apart from attracting wealth, sugar is often used to attract love, spirits, elementals or energies. It can also be burned like incense.



1. capitalized:  any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song, poetry and the arts and sciences. Clio is the Greek Muse of history.  The Muses were the nine Greek goddesses who presided over the arts (including music) and literature. A shrine to the Muses was called in Latin a museum. An artist or poet about to begin work would call on his particular Muse to inspire him, and a poem itself might begin with such a call; thus, Homer's Odyssey begins, "Sing to me of the man, Muse" (that is, of Odysseus). Today a muse may be one's special creative spirit, but some artists and writers have also chosen living human beings to serve as their muses.

 2. a source of inspiration