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Natural Perfume Oil Samples -Choose 3

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These mini sample vials (1ml each) contain natural perfume created with essential oils, herbal infusions, plant extracts and sweet almond oil. Please let me know of any allergies in the notes. 100% chemical free, cruelty free and organic. 

CHOOSE 3 of the following and please write them into your order notes.

 *Yule- cinnamon,clove, spiced mulberry, dark berries, cedar wood.

*Winter Witch- bergamot, mint, clove, sandalwood and other secret essential oils.

*Haunted Forest-

*Victorian Violet-citrus groves, violets and blonde woods.

*Victorian Forget-me-not- Long lasting intoxicating Forget me not flowers.

*Victorian Rose- rose absolute, sweet, rich and enchanting. 

*Lady in Grey- Earl Grey tea infusion, citrus essential oils, mint. 

*Poison Apple- spiced apple and hints of bitter sweet rose petals.

*Secret Smudge- dark currants, clary sage, white sage, myrrh. 

*Salt and Sage- sea salt, desert sage, white sage and other secret essential oils.

*Moon Maiden- Top notes of Black Currants and Autumn Fruits, Middle notes of White and Black Tea, bottom notes of toasted Vanilla by a blazing bonfire.  

*Black Moon- 

*Dream Walker- eucalyptus, sweet flowers, redwoods, cypress and amber.

 *Green Witch- a blooming garden with mossy base notes.

*Black Cauldron- cherry, simmering herbs, tobacco, bonfire and other mysterious oils. 

*High Priestess- neroli, jasmine and other essential oils.

*Full Moon- notes of white roses, blonde woods, sandalwood.

*Black Feline

*Dragon's Blood- a very special proprietary blend, dragon's blood, myrrh another rich fragrances. Great ritual oil for protection. 

*Snow Fairy- top notes of citrus, sweet herbs, mint, and cedar wood base notes. 

*Victorian Gothic

*Ritual Magick- frankincense, myrrh, incense smoke, simmering cauldron .


*Sugar Rush- vanilla, coconut, sandalwood, heliotrope 

*Woodland Spirits- top nots of evergreens, mints, herbs and cedar wood.

*Mermaid- notes of jasmine, lotus and aquatic notes.

*Sea Witch- 

 *SM Signature Blend- notes of lavender, rose, citrus, cedar wood, patchouli.

*Fairy Woods- crushed leaves, water flowers, tuberose absolute, patchouli, vanilla woods.

*Undine- notes of cucumber, water lily, jasmine, oakmoss


*(Don't worry) Be Happy- top notes of citrus, mint, and other essential oils that promote a sense of well being. 

*Enchanted - a magical blend of red currants, citrus, fig, caramel, base notes of vanilla and woods. 

*Healing -lavender, eucalyptus, and other secret ingredients. 

* Abundance- pine, mint, herbs and secret essential oils.   

*Witches Shield- top notes of autumn apples blend into black currants, pomegranates mingle with the scent of green vines. Hints of violets, white flowers and clove leave a lasting impression.


*Triple Goddess- jasmine, neroli, tuberose and other essential oils.  

*Good Vibes- grapefruit, lavender, sage, chamomile. 

*Hallow's Eve -Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel intermingle with black tea. Baked pumpkin make up the heart of the fragrance, bottom notes of clove and creamy vanilla. 


Or let me know in the notes of any other oil you would like to try. 

Glass vials with airtight stopper cap are beautifully packaged to gift yourself or someone else. I know how hard it can be to choose a scent online and these samples are the perfect way to try them out before buying a whole bottle.  Find your signature scent and leave an impression.