Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes

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"In creating this deck, Matt Hughes has drawn inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement, adopting its distinctive style and meticulous approach to craftsmanship. The artist has also created two additional cards to supplement the traditional Major Arcana. Every detailed image in the 80 card deck is hand drawn and colored. Each card is illuminated with gold foil stamping, to elegant effect. Includes a 48 page booklet."

Meaning of the Cards:

0. The Fool 

Potential, new beginnings, opportunity

1. The Magician

Skill, confidence, action, accomplishment

2. High Priestess

Wisdom, the subconscious, serenity, mystery 

3. The Empress

Creation, abundance, nature, pleasure

4. The Emperor

Power, structure, success

5. The Hierophant

Tradition, guidance, spirituality

6. The Lovers

Unification, harmony, relationships

7. The Chariot

Control, victory, motivation

8. Strength

Courage, control, patience

9. The Hermit

Introspection, enlightenment, reflection

10. Wheels Fortune

Luck, change, destiny

11. Justice

Truth, fairness, balance

12. The Hanged Man

Sacrifice, release, new perspective

13. Death

Change, endings, beginnings, transition

14. Temperance

Balance,harmony, purpose

15. The Devil

Obsession, control, materialism

16. The Tower

Upheaval, change, awakening

17. The Star

Renewal, hope, clarity

18. The Moon

Intuition, illusion, subconscious

19. The Sun

Positivity, success, joy 

20. Judgement

Rebirth, renewal, freedom 

21. The World

Completion, travel, fulfillment

* 22. The Well

Nurturing, opportunity, nature, creativity

*23. The Artist

Visionary, creation, passion 



*King of Cups

Balance,generosity, strength

*Queen of Cups

Protection, intuition, creativity

*Knight of Cups

Advancement, fulfillment,healing, inspiration

*Page of Cups

Confidence, happiness, insight

*Ace of Cups

Compassion, creativity, beginnings

*Two Cups

Health, harmony ,attraction

*Three of Cups

Friendship, community, pleasure

*Four of Cups

Meditation, apathy, solitude 

*Five of Cups

Loss, delay, neglect

*Six of Cups

Nostalgia, joy, reunion

*Seven of Cups

Imagination, possibility, illusion

*Eight of Cups

Travel, withdraw, seclusion

*Nine of Cups 

Satisfaction, harmony, accomplishment

*Ten of Cups

Abundance, fulfillment, happiness



*King Pentacles

Power, influence, abundance

*Queen of Pentacles

Pleasure, mother influence, prosperity

*Knight of Pentacles

Ambitious, practical, prepared

*Page of Pentacles 

Opportunity, discovery, manifestation

*Ace of Pentacles

Stability, new beginnings, prosperity

*Two of Pentacles

Balance, renewal, change

*Three of Pentacles

Success, collaboration, confidence

*Four of Pentacles

Stability, control, security 

*Five of Pentacles

Insecurity, isolation, reflection

*Six of Pentacles

Generosity, empathy, kindness

*Seven of Pentacles

Profit, reward, growth

*Eight of Pentacles

Creativity, focus, concentration

*Nine of Pentacles

Success, reward, appreciation

*Ten of Pentacles

Wealth, family, satisfaction



*King of Swords

Intellect, strength, fairness

*Queen ofSwords

Confidence, intellectual, assurance

*Knight of Swords

Stubborn, determined

*Page of Swords

Thoughtfulness, clarity, curious

*Ace of Swords

Focus, victory, inspiration

*Two of Swords

Intuition, compromise

*Three of Swords

Stagnation, make needed changes

*Four of Swords

Rest, replenishment, meditation

*Five of Swords

Conquest, seduction 

*Six of Swords

Travel, success, transition

*Seven of Swords

New plans, perseverance, efforts

*Eight of Swords

Action required, do not stay in the statues quo 

*Nine of Swords

Ask questions, dig deeper

*Ten of Swords

Set backs that can lead to future success



*King of Wands

Honesty, respect, fatherly

*Queen of Wands

Honor, growth, growth, love

*Knight of Wands

Journey, determination, advancement

*Page of Wands

Travel, creativity, loyalty

*Ace of Wands

inspiration, potential, birth of a child, adventure

*Two of Wands

Focus, discovery, planning

*Three of Wands

Strength, enterprise, strategy

*Four of Wands

Harmony, celebration, promise

*Five of Wands

Delay in achieving goals, Don't give up

*Six of Wands

Triumph, good news, victory

*Seven of Wands 

Justification, overcoming obstacles

*Eight of Wands

Swift action, balance, change

*Nine of Wands

Courage, determination, hope

*Ten of Wands

Accomplishment, problems soon to be resolved
















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Ivy (.
Canada Canada

Gorgeous Tarot Cards

I have wanted another tarot deck for a while and I couldn't settle on another deck then I got this one in my subscription box and I was so thrilled. The cards are beautiful and gained lots of energy from me and my altar. Very happy with it.