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Solstice Natural Perfume Oil

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This oil is all organic, vegan and created with premium therapy grade essential oils, absolutes and botanical infusions. 

This blend was crafted to harness the power of the Summer Solstice to celebrate the Sun-for abundance, strength and happiness.

The exact formula is a secret family recipe, but some of the key ingredients are:

  • Lemon - helps cleanse the aura and is also used to promote clarity and a sense of happiness.
  • Calendula - represents the sun, so this herb can be used during rituals and spell workings during the summer months.
  • Verbena - aids in redirecting negative thought to positive ones. Use this oil for a boost of positive energy.
  • Lavender - is indicated as an herb used during the Summer Solstice; it is an antidepressant herb. 

Several other essential oils are in this blend in an almond oil base, infused with citrine and other correlating gemstones. Use this oil for a boost of positive energy. 

Please allow for slight variation in ribbon, I will use the prettiest ones I have on hand, in shades of gold, yellow and cream.

Created with love and light.

For external use only.

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Patti S.
United States United States

Love this Solstice Scent. This masterful hand made natural product is of very high quality and really a delight. The smell is just like summer. Just what I was looking for in a perfume oil fragrance. Love it.