SugarMuses® Store Updates

Most recent store updates about purchases, shipments, COVID19 and anything that may impact SugarMuses and/or Customers.


Update May 20, 2020


New signups re-open on June 1 for the July box shipping between Jul 5-10.  


When a previous box is available, the product will be viewable at that time for purchase. If the product is not viewable, there are no boxes available for sale at that time.


The store is open with orders being processed and fulfilled.


Update May 15, 2020


Monthly subscription box signups for both SugarMuses and MidnightMuses have been closed. Boxes will ship in batches between Jun 5-10. When shipped emails are sent to the email address on file. Make sure to check junk/spam folders should emails get marked as spam. New signups re-open on June 1 for the July box shipping between Jul 5-10.  


Orders are still being processed and fulfilled. Please continue to check back as the store should re-open soon.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Blessings ~ SugarMuses


Update May 7, 2020


We are away from the store for short time to catch up on orders.  During this time "store items" are not available and only subscription boxes may be purchased.

Orders already processed will ship as scheduled or close to schedule. Larger orders may be slightly delayed. If there are any issues you will be notified by email. When shipped an email will be sent with tracking info. Please check your junk/spam folders should it be marked as “spam”.

Please note:

During this time you will NOT be able to checkout for store items since they are not available. You will receive an error at checkeout which is expected.  

Please enjoy “window” shopping until we return. 


New signups for both the SugarMuses and MidnightMuses boxes are still OPEN.

Purchases are for June's box shipping between Jun 5-10. 


During store vacation, orders may not be trackable. If an error is generated, use the tracking number (sent by email) and search directly using the USPS website.

Some international shipments (already shipped) may still be "IN TRANSIT" due to shipping delays, etc, associated with COVID19 international deilveries. Please continue to check status using your tracking number. Should a package be returned, you will be notified by email.  Make sure to check your junk/spam folders periodically should emails be marked as "spam".

If you have any questions or problems, please use the Contact Us form.  Responses may be delayed, but we will respond within 24hrs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


Update May 3, 2020


Due to delayed or suspended U.S. deliveries to international regions, regular store and subscripton purchases have been temporarily suspended (EXCLUDING CANADA) until further notice.

All international customers with either a store or monthly box purchase that has shipped...

PLEASE continue to track your shipments using your tracking nubmer. Some shipments appear to just be "delayed" and the status not being updated on the USPS website.

Should a package be "RETURNED", you will be notified by email. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folders should emails get marked as spam.


Customers in which packages have been and/or are in the process of being returned, your upcoming monthly renewal payment(s), will be adjusted from MAY 15 to JUN 15.

Delivery services will be reviewed prior to this date to dertmine if shipments are "successful" and IF payments can process  to process an order which packages will deliver "successfully". Customers will be notified by email should their payment be pushed.



Update Apr 17, 2020

SugarMuses & MidnightMuses

Monthly Boxes - Shipments, Signups, Purchases, and Renewals 

  • April boxes shipped as of Apr 9 & emails were sent with tracking info. Int. shipments may take longer, so please use tracking # to check status.
  • MAY boxes were closed due to State Business Closure Orders (BSOs) for many suppliers used to create items in the monthly boxes.
  • APR 15 renewal payments were pushed to May 15, 2020 for June's box.

SIGNUPS for one-time and monthly boxes OPEN, MAY 1, for June's box shipping between Jun 5-10.

Store Item Purchases

The store is still open with new offerings being added daily, so feel free to get some magickal items during this time.

Get notified when "sold out" items are back in stock by subscribing to alerts and selecting the "bell" icon on a product page.


International, Military & Diplomatic Mail (APO/FPO/DPO) Customers 

International and Military (DPO) Mail customers may be affected by service delivery disruptions or closures.

  • USPS issued "Service Alerts" regarding service delivery disruptions for many international regions.
  • Emails were sent to current international subscribers with a link and info to check for service disruptions in their region.
  • On Apr 8, 2020, the Department of State notified the Postal Service of diplomatic mail (DPO) being temporarily suspended to SPECIFIC Zip Codes.

 - - - PLEASE REMEMBER - - -

  • Review the email sent & monitor the USPS website periodically for updates.
  • Should your region/DPO be affected, UPDATE your subscription by either "skipping a delivery" or "cancelling" your subscription; you can always "reactivate" it later.  (UPDATING YOUR ACCOUNT ENSURES A BOX IS NOT PAID FOR AND SHIPPED WHEN YOUR REGION WILL NOT ACCEPT SHIPMENTS FROM THE U.S. DUE TO COVID-19.)

USPS updates service disruption info "DAILY", so please check frequently for updates affecting your region at USPS.



For the most up to date information and guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak, visit the WHO and/or the CDC websites.


Thank you for your continued support and business during these times.

If you have any questions, please submit them using my Contact Us page.

Blessings ~ 


PLEASE check your Junk/Spam folders for our emails should they be marked as “spam”.